Medical massages

That from itself represents is medical massage.

Performance of the general medical massage carry out in the most various ways and technicians. The general medical massage begin usually with a back, gradually passing to shoulders and a neck, the back party of feet and a pilar part of a head. The second stage is the forward part of a body: the person, arms and brushes, a trunk and a forward part of feet.

Consistently influencing nervous, muscular and cardiovascular system. The general massage helps to find feeling of integrity, slackness and rest. Depending on a sex, age and a condition of the person massage procedures are dosed out on degree and duration of influence. Various technicians of medical massage can render both invigorating and toning up, and abirritating, and relaxing action. Periodicity of procedures depends on age and the general condition of the person, sessions are prescribed daily or every other day.

At "HAYR & VORDI BABAYANNER" - the phytotherapy centre is technics of concrete massage.

Massage becomes by means of vegetable oil which helps the patient to get rid of a pain in a backbone, to get rid of accumulation of salts and improves a circulation.