Treatment Osteochondrosis (Adjournment salts)

What is the osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis – the disease of a backbone characterised by a primary lesion of intervertebral disks, more often in cervical and lumbar its departments. The osteochondrosis is at the bottom of a dorsodynia in 80 % of cases. If the osteochondrosis is complicated by hernias of intervertebral disks, the pain can appear in extremities, a head, and as, in an internal.

The lumbar osteochondrosis which is the most widespread, basically causes a pain in the bottom extremities, a cervical osteochondrosis – in arms and a head, thoracal – in an internal. In osteochondrosis occurrence the appreciable role belongs to constant overloads of a backbone in which result intervertebral disks lose ability to neogenesis, their blood supply is broken and dystrophic changes develop. Some reasons of development of an osteochondrosis, are allocated: metabolism disturbance in an organism, weak physical development, genetic predisposition.

“HAYR & VORDI BABAYANNER” – in the phytotherapy centre is a disease is treated within 12 days therefore the osteochondrosis and its consequences disappears.

Treatments here it is guaranteed.
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