Treatment Artritis

Treatment Antritis

What is the sinuitis, a genyantritis, a frontal sinusitis.

The nose first meets pathogenic microbes arriving from environment, therefore in it the inflammatory processes - local "battles" of immunity with pathogenic flora rather often develop.
Sinuitis - the general name of an inflammation about nasal sinuses (from an armour. sinus - a sinus, names of inflammatory diseases have the termination). The inflammation of a genyantrum (genyantritis), a frontal sinus (frontal sinusitis), a trellised sinus, a sphenoidal sinus (sphenoiditis) is possible. The sphenoiditis meets extremely seldom.

Signs of an inflammation about nasal sinuses (two or more symptoms from listed):
- A headache and-or a pain in the field of teeth, eyes, cheekbones, cheeks;
- The aggravated sensitivity of a part of the person;
- Face reddening or its parts;

- Painful points in the field of the person;
- A fervescence.

Why and as there is a genyantritis, a frontal sinusitis.

The inflammation in nearby nasal sinuses develops usually under the following scenario:
1. Pathogenic microbes get to a sinus, and the organism cannot reject necessary pressure of an infection. The reasons - immunity depression, cooling, an allergy, high activity of pathogenic microbes.
2. Sinus ventilation stops. The possible reasons - an inflammation and an anastomosis edema, a curvature of a nasal septum, in a sinus. The sinus is isolated from a nasal cavity, but in it slime which gradually fills a sinus is constantly allocated. It frames perfect conditions for reproduction of microbes.
3. In a sinus the inflammation flashes, products of disintegration (pus) are allocated. Since outflow from a sinus is not present, disintegration products are in it under pressure and are strenuously soaked up in a blood, poisoning all organism. Besides, the overpressure irritates sinus walls. From here and characteristic symptoms.