Treatment Cholecystitis

What is the cholecystitis

One of the most widespread diseases on a planet is the cholecystitis. As a rule, this predilection is met among the people, who for the long period of time do not have fat and nourishing nutrition. More often the cholecystitis reason is virus hepatitis and other infectious diseases.
If the cholecystitis proceeds in the quiet form, in this case the person has unpleasant sensations in right to a side, a shoulder, a scapula, serious sensation in the field of hypochondrium after food intake.
Also a cholecystitis the nausea, vomiting can accept the acute form when there is the strongest pain in the field of hypochondrium, it becomes difficult to breathe, the patient’s temperature raises, there is a fever which gradually passes in a fever condition.
At the chronic and acute form of a cholecystitis medical aid somewhat differs.
At the chronic disease proceeding in the usual form, periodically sick excruciate dull aches, diarrhoeia, digestion disturbance, to it the rigid diet which assumes full refusal of all acute, fat and all those products which contain cholesterol registers.

In the centre of a phytotherapy of treatment "HAYR and VORDI BABAYANNER" the cholecystitis is carried out by means of medicative herbs which the patient uses in the house conditions during a month.