Treatment Scoliosis

What is the scoliosis

Scoliosis (scoliosis; it is Greek. skoliosis a curvature) – the Lateral rachiocampsis. More often got (5-15 years), but happen also congenital. The wrong pose of children during employment conducts to an irregular load on a backbone and back muscles. Disease begins with delicacy of muscles of a back, a malposture, an acting scapula. Further there is a change of vertebra and their ligaments, i.e. the proof lateral curvature is formed. It can be a consequence of the transferred rachitis, long azygomorphous loads on back muscles. In a scoliosis can result vertebra fracture, its destruction by disease process. Scoliosis can be generated at a paralysis of muscles of a stomach, a back, supporting a backbone. At a shorting of one foot there can come a functional scoliosis. It is clinically possible to allocate three stages.

The first stage: at fatigue of muscles of a back there is a scoliosis, and after rest the curvature disappears.

The second stage: the curvature becomes to constants, mobility of a backbone sharply decreases. The thorax form changes, the scapula acts and becomes above on the convex party of a thoracal scoliosis.

At the third stage position of an internal changes, their function is at a loss. Preventive maintenance is much more effective than treatment. The physical culture and sports, a correct posture of the child, observance of a regimen of work and rest have great value.

“HAYR & VORDI BABAYANNER” – in the centre of a phytotherapy process scoliosis treatment disappears weariness and a backbone pain, the behaviour is referred

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