Treatment Colitis

What is the colitis?

The colitis is an inflammation of an internal mucosa of a thick intestine. The colitis can be acute then its current goes quickly enough and roughly, also can be, is involved in inflammatory process and small intestines. At a chronic colitis, inflammatory process goes torpently enough and longly.

The colitis reasons

The colitis reasons on which it to develop very much, for an example: an intestinal infection, occurrence of the centres of an infection in a gastric bubble, and a pancreas, failures in work of blood supply of an intestine, improper feeding, worms, and also long reception of antibiotics and a bad heredity. To the colitis reasons, also can carry an overstrain, both mental, and physical, among the reasons on which to develop the colitis it can is possible to carry and not a true day regimen.

What occurs?

Any kind colitis causes damage of a mucosa of an intestine. The colitis which has been caused by an infection most strongly, painfully, roughly unpleasantly proceeds. For example, when parasites such as: the ameba, gets on a cover mucous an intestine, cause it strongly damage, prompt inflammatory process starts to develop. There is an edema, there is a failure in normal reduction of an intestine. Owing to what there are painful desires on a defecation, there is a diarrhoeia, sometimes a feces with a blood, severe pains in a stomach cavity. Allocation which allocate bacteria, getting to a blood, raise body temperature. To a current of a chronic colitis, in damage of a mucosa of an intestine can result such factors as: failure in blood supply of walls of an intestine, improper feeding, allergic reaction to meal and other.

Colitis signs

Colitis sign is, of course, the abdominal pain, rumbling, an abdominal distention. There are constipations which can alternate with diarrhoeia. In a feces it is possible to notice slime or even a blood sometimes. The state of health of the person, flaccid, sensation of delicacy, in hard cases some enough can rise body temperature. The attack of an acute colitis, can last from several days about several weeks. The chronic colitis lasts much longer.

In the centre of a phytotherapy of treatment "HAYR and VORDI BABAYANNER" the colitis is carried out by means of medicative herbs which the patient uses in the house conditions during a month.